Castile Soaps 

48¢ per oz

Scents: Unscented and Lavender

redients: distilled water and potassium olivate (saponified olive oil), pure essential oils of lavender, or lemon if chosen.

rated a 1 by EWG’s Skin Deep Database

Biodegradable and safe for septic systems

Free of any synthetic ingredients

100% vegan + not tested on animals ever


all-natural, non-toxic, no synthetic ingredients

DIY Recipes:

  • Refill your Body Wash and Hand Soap: To wash baby, child, adult, and pet (keep out of eyes).
  • To clean floors, counters, tubs, walls: 1-2 tablespoons to one gallon of hot water)
  • To clean toilets: sprinkle baking soda in and scrub, flush. Pour 1/2 tablespoon of soap into the bowl, scrub, then flush
  • Refill your bottle of All-Purpose Cleaner Spray: pour 2 fluid ounces of soap in a bottle with a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil, fill with warm distilled or RO water.

MamaSuds is cruelty free certified by Peta

certified organic pet shampoo 72¢ per oz

Certified to USDA organic food standards. A safe and nontoxic alternative to detergent and chemical cleaners is available for our furry friends.

Cruelty Free
GMO Free

Ingredients: Organic Saponified Oils (Coconut, Olive and Jojoba), Rosemary Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Rosemary Extract, Organic Aloe Vera

all purpose soap concentrate 75¢ per oz

All Purpose Soap Concentrate( foaming soap, cleaning, laundry, hair, body)

This soap concentrate comes in unscented, grapefruit, mint and lemon. The uses are endless….

Dishes: use 3-4 table spoons in your sink
Mopping: 1/2 cup in 3 gallons of hot water
Laundry: 1/3 to 1/2 cup per load
Face: 2-3 drops on hands or wash cloth
Body: small squirt applied to body
Hair: 1/2 tablespoon in wet hair
Cleaning: 1/4 cup in quart of water for spray bottle
Fruit/Veggie rinse: 1/4 teaspoon in bowl of water, then rinse with water
Foaming pump bottle refill : 1/3 concentrate, and the rest water

Certified B Corporation.
Leaping Bunny
Gluten Free

Made using pure ingredients: Organic Calendula and Comfrey infused oils of Organic Coconut and Organic Sunflower, Potassium Hydroxide(none remains after saponification of oils into soap & glycerine), Organic Castor Oil.