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Organic skin-soothing pure olive squalane oil combined with aromatic essential oils create a deeply moisturizing body oil. 
Add a few drops to bath:
The warm water will enhance your aromatherapy experience and allow your skin to soak in the hydration.

Apply to skin after showering: 
Before toweling off and while your skin is still damp, apply a few drops to wet skin, and rub in to lock in moisture.

Show extra dry spots some love:
Dry spots like elbows, heels and cuticles could use an extra dose of moisture. Rub into these areas daily for softer skin.

Use it as a massage oil:
Rub a few drops between your palms to give a great massage. It will also soften skin, and the essential oils will help relieve stress.

Prevent razor burn:
Prep your skin pre-shave by applying a few drops of oil to shaving area first so your razor can gently and smoothly glide over your body.

Meditate and relax: 
Apply a drop or two to your fingertips, and massage into temples. Breathe deeply with eyes closed to fully enjoy aromatherapeutic properties of carefully selected essential oils.

Organic Olive Squalane Oil (Squalane)

Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend

Genuine Jade Gemstones

Genuine 24 Karat Gold Flakes

2 oz bottle

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1 review for Revive Dry Oil – Body + Hair + Bath

  1. Jenn Cochlin

    I stopped by the shop looking for moisturizer and the gold and gemstones in the bottle caught my eye. Turns out it’s more than just an amazing scent and beautiful packaging, this body oil is so incredibly versatile. I love to lather the oil all over my body after showering; it drys almost immediately and doesn’t leave my skin or hands feeling oily at all. The description says to use as a pre-shave, but I’ve found that using it post shave prevents razor burn and leaves my skin soft and with a subtle but wonderful smell! Can’t wait to try the rose quartz bottle.

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