Patchwork Tote Bag

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SuperBee’s reversible Patchwork Tote Bag is lovingly hand-sewn from off-cuts of organic cotton fabric, used in our Wax Wrap production. This means every SuperBee Tote is made from a unique combination of fabrics. It’s perfectly sized to be your ‘go to’ grocery bag and is small enough to fold up and keep in your handbag. This colourful Tote Bag is as sturdy as it is practical. Hand-sewn from a double layer of organic cotton, every bag is reversible, so you can match your Tote with your outfit! Lightweight and versatile, our zero-waste Tote Bag is made from leftover fabric from our Wax Wraps production and aims to reduce the number of plastic bags in this world. Size: 38 × 39 cm


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