Honey Face Wash


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This gentle facial cleanser is formulated with locally sourced raw honey and nourishing castile soap to gently lift debris and cleanse the skin. Honey has antimicrobial properties and is a natural humectant, keeping your skin clear and hydrated while our castile soap removes impurities without overdrying skin, making our Honey Face Wash good for all skin types, including acne-prone or sensitive skin. Honey is nature’s ultimate skincare product. It is antibacterial and acts as an anti-viral and anti-fungal. It literally kills bacteria living on the skin making it perfect for acne prone skin and treating minor wounds and burns. It is a humectant meaning it draws moisture from the air to your skin keeping it soft and hydrated. It is a natural cleanser and exfoliator, gently removing dirt, debris, along with dry, dull skin and leaving your skin glowing, supple and smooth. Packaged in a 4 oz reusable and eco-friendly glass bottle with a pump.


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