Dishwashing & Laundry Bar


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Washing your dishes with a solid dish soap means no more plastic bottles to throw away. And this heavy duty cleaner gets the job done. It is especially designed for cleaning and it cleans well. It is a vegan, palm free, coconut dishwashing soap bar scented only with pure essential oils. This bar soap is the ideal eco friendly product for home cleaning because of its multi-tasking abilities. (see below)

*Vegan *All natural *Biodegradable *Mild *Eco Friendly *Plastic Free Packaging *Non-toxic *Pure and simple *Effective *No artificial colors or scents *Scented only with pure essential oil *2.25+ oz per bar Just place the soap in a bowl or mug and allow hot water to run over it while filling the sink. Remove the bar and add your dishes. Rub the bar in the dishrag to soap it up just as you would a shower bar. Wash dishes with lathered rag or with a scrub brush. Expect to get about 8-10 dish loads per bar.
Made in United States of America


One Soap Bar, Pack of 4 in hemp bag


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